About Grace Bible Baptist Church

2History of GBBC
Grace Bible Baptist Church was established on Sunday, January 29, 2006. For the first three months, Sunday and Thursday services were held in Pastor Albright’s home in North McAllen. From May 2006 until March of 2010 Grace Bible Baptist Church met at 520 North Broadway near downtown McAllen. After nearly four years in the same location, through a series of circumstances, God made it clear to the church family that He was moving us to another place to gather for worship and for instruction in His Word. We are grateful to the dear folks at Evangelical Mission Ministries for giving us a temporary base of operation as we continue to seek God’s direction for a permanent home for Grace Bible Baptist Church.
There have been a number of decisions for Christ and baptisms since the church was first established in 2006. GBBC is blessed to have two missionaries that it supports. For more information about our missionaries and their ministries click or touch on Missions one the header.
5The Lord has further blessed the ministry by leading the church on many missions trips into Mexico over the past few years and this year back to Victoria to continue helping build the church and parsonage at Upper Room Baptist Church!
GBBC continues to make discipleship a priority of ministry and many have completed numerous course requirements like the groups below. Click or touch here for more information about discipleship including some testimonials of some of these you see included in these group photos.
One of the signs of truly being a follower of Jesus Christ is obedience to the known commands of Scripture. Some of those who have submitted themselves to the obedience of “Believer’s Baptism,” are shown here. We are grateful to the Lord for the progress and growth He is bringing about in the lives of those He entrusts to GBBC to “Teach to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:20).
78We are always excited to meet those who are looking to unite with a church family who are actively seeking to be true “Christ Followers.”
If you are interested in a church that is dedicated to the commands of Scripture and an “expository approach” to the teaching and preaching of God’s Word, then Grace Bible Baptist Church may be the place for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you soon!